Professional Field Of Economic Statistics

The curriculum for the Bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration, which came into force on 1 October 2014, allows for specialisations by choosing alternative compulsory modules (professional fields), among other things to facilitate the transfer to another Master's degree programme.

By choosing the professional field of economic statistics (24 ECTS credits), students can acquire sound quantitative knowledge, mainly in the field of econometrics, which is required for conducting and analysing empirical economic studies. An additional advantage of this choice is that it enables an easy transfer to the master's degree programme in statistics.

The alternative compulsory module "Economic Statistics" (24 ECTS points) is structured as follows:

  • Compulsory subjects amounting to 12 ECTS points:
    • VO Linear Models, 6 ECTS, 3 hrs. (npi)
    • UE Linear Models, 2 ECTS, 1 hrs. (pi)
    • UK Linear Models 2, 4 ECTS, 2 hrs. (pi)

  • Wahlfächer im Ausmaß von 12 ECTS-Punkten aus folgender Liste nach Maßgabe des Angebots:
    • UK Applied Statistics, 4 ECTS, 2 hrs. (pi)
    • UK Time Series Analysis, 8 ECTS, 4 hrs. (pi)
    • UK Applied Econometrics 1, 4 ECTS, 2 hrs. (pi)
    • UK Applied Econometrics 2, 4 ECTS, 2 hrs. (pi)
    • UK Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics, 4 ECTS, 2 hrs. (pi)
    • UK Introduction to Financial Mathematics, 4 ECTS, 2 hrs. (pi)
    • PR Econometric Software, 2 ECTS, 1 hrs. (pi)